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A list of the most common questions are answered below:

  • How does Income-Network calculate my commission?

    You earn a percentage of the income generated from a player. On average customers spend up to $700.

    For example, if you refer a player and they lose $110.00 and they received a promotional offer of $10, you will receive $25.

    This is calculated as:
    Casino Net Win: $110.00
    Promotional Offer: ($10.00)
    Sub Total: $100.00
    Commission % 25%
    Your Commission $25

  • When do I receive my commission checks?

    You will be paid on a monthly basis. The first month starts on the date you are accepted into the program. If your commission in that month is $100 or more, you will receive payment for the total amount the following month. If it is less than $100 for that month, it will carry over into the next month. If your commission does not reach $100, we will continue to carry over your commission. Affiliates are paid once a month on the 21st.

    Generally you will receive your commission checks approximately 5 days after payment date. Online wallet payments will show immediately. View payment methods.

  • How do I set up links at my site?

    When you sign up for our program you will be sent an email with all the relevant information that you will require. This will include your affiliate ID, links to our banner farm and coding needed when linking to us

  • How do I keep track of commissions?

    You can keep track of your commissions through the Members section on the Income-Network website. The reports include all the commission information for your site.

  • How much will I make?

    It really all depends, a monthly income of over $1000 is an easily attainable figure. However it all depends on how much effort you put into your website and Internet marketing.

  • What are the payment methods?

    Affiliates can choose to be paid by either:

    Amount Cost Delivery
    Player Account $100 min. free same day
    Click2Pay $100 min. free same day
    EcoCard $100 min. free same day
    NETeller $100 min. free same day
    Check $200 min. free 5/7 days
    Wire $500 min. free 5/7 days
  • Can I receive a commission when I play at a Casino?

    Whether you operate a personal website, e-zine, portal or email newsletter, we are interested in reviewing all Internet properties large or small. We reserve the right to refuse any properties containing objectionable material including but not limited to violence, pornography, explicit language and/or content. If you think your site meets our standards, apply today!

  • What does it cost to join?

    Nothing, It's Free!!!

  • How long is my contract?

    Once accepted, you can remain an Income-Network indefinitely as long as you continue to operate within Income-Network's guidelines. You can, however, cancel your affiliation with us at anytime.

  • What is my responsibility as an Income-Network?

    You are responsible for choosing and placing links on your site. How and where you place them is up to you. Please remember that the greater prominence you afford the banner placement, the higher the expected success rate of the program. You're also required to follow prevailing spam laws for your particular country and the countries to which you will be sending emails and to retain the integrity of the branding and reputation of our Affiliate Program.

  • What is Income-Network's responsibility?

    We will provide you with all the link material you need and the tools for you to add them to your site. Please bear in mind: The more prominent our banners are displayed throughout your site, the more likely players are to sign up and, in turn, increase the revenue that you will receive. You will be given advice on how to incorporate them into your site. Through the affiliate program you will have all the tools, support, and information you need to make Income-Network work for you. In addition, you can email us any questions you have at

  • Can I operate more than one website at once?

    Yes. If you have multiple sites, you may choose to track their performance separately or together. If you want separate tracking reports for each site, simply create an additional account.

  • How does the tier system work?

    Let's assume that you have just 8 players that each bring in only $200 per month in earnings. Along with this you have introduced 4 other webmasters, who in turn are producing the same you are.

    Your monthly earnings will be calculated as follows:

    Tier Levels No. of Clients No. of players per client Total Profit Profit per player Your Payment
    1st Tier (25%) N/A 8 $6400 $200 $1600
    2nd Tier (2%) 4 8 $25600 $200 $512
    Total (27%) - - - - $2112

    As you can see a little marketing to potential Casino Players, as well as potential Affiliates, can mean a much larger payment. As you can imagine, the income potential here really is limitless!